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Built upon an attitude of playful exploration, the main mission of Mysterious Studio is to inspire curiosity and invite contemplation through offering guidance, and by sharing creative works that dance with the themes of mystery, love and multidimensionality.

Mystery – We value asking questions, even when it doesn’t result in a clear answer. And particularly when it only seems to breed more questions. We believe that while there is a value in investigating, there is also value in not knowing. We acknowledge the need for mystery.

Love – More than a concept, love is an act of caring. We choose to show our love for the world by ensuring that our operations are carried out in a way that is as sustainable as possible, and by sharing creations that advocate a message of radical acceptance and unconditional love.

Multidimensionality – Our aim is to be a space that has the abililty to hold multiple truths and perspectives at once. We embrace creative tension and see it as a source of inspiration that guides us to stay awake and curious. 

On the Values page you can read more about our core values and sustainability choices.

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Photo of Minnamari Helmisaari, founder and creator of Mysterious Studio
Minnamari Helmisaari, founder of Mysterious Studio, at her livingroom work corner

About Minnamari

Mysterious Studio started out as a platform for me to sell my art prints but has since evolved into a space through which I make my insights and talents available in new forms. Everything on this website is created or channelled by me, from the website itself to the visual designs and print products in the store (though some prints and all the clothes are manufactured using a print-on-demand process). Since I am both the founder of Mysterious Studio and the channel helping this work flow into the world I thought it might be fitting to share a few words about me here, in case you’re curious.

I am a Finnish/Swedish artist, designer, mother and educator, currently based in Tallinn. I have a Masters in Science and a Bachelor in Arts, since I could not choose between art or science but chose to study both. This choice reflects my fascination with learning to see the world from multiple points of view, and I am comfortable inhabiting multifaceted positions.

Since my creative activities take so many different forms, I have started to describe myself as a Creative channeler, or a Multidimensional Storyteller, which is my way of saying that I see my mission in this life as taking part in acts of creation and storytelling that are expressed in different forms: art, design, music, podcasting, writings, and in introspective processes with other fellow beings.

If you wish to contact me directly, you can send an email to minnamari@mysterious.studio

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