In preparation for a relocation of the studio, all hand-printed art prints are now sold for -50%

The sale lasts until Thursday 25th of July.

After the sale, this online store will be closed for a while, as Mysterious Studio moves to a new location and gets ready to transform into a new shape…



Guidance through cards on Mysterious Studio

Bringing forth additional perspectives and uncovering deeper understanding with the tools of Tarot and Human Design.

Human Design at Mysterious Studio
Photo of Minnamari Helmisaari, founder and creator of Mysterious Studio

Welcome to Mysterious Studio.

My name is Minnamari, and I am the founder of Mysterious Studio.  The main mission of Mysterious Studio is to inspire curiosity and invite contemplation by offering guidance and sharing creative works that dance with the themes of mystery, love and multidimensionality. Which is to say, I don’t know exactly what this space is. And that is exactly the point. I want Mysterious Studio to be a space that can grow into whatever shape it wants to take, at its own pace.

Feel free to browse the guidance offerings, store products, creative projects, or learn more about Mysterious Studio.

Thank you for visiting this space.


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