The aim of this page is to share information about the values that guide the work of Mysterious Studio. Read about our core values and approach to sustainabililty below.

Core Values

1. Mystery

We value asking questions, even when it doesn’t result in a clear answer. And particularly when it only seems to breed more questions.

We believe that while there is a value in investigating, there is also value in not knowing. We acknowledge the need for mystery.

We view life as inherently mysterious. In addition to the wonders of our known world, we respect the unknown. 

2. Love

Unconditional love is radical. It is love for its own sake.

We endorse a love that doesn’t force or chain, but simply is.

While we acknowledge that there exist energies that may be at odds with our own values, we recognize their place in the whole. Even if we cannot always work together, we can coexist.

And yet, even though we can coexist, we also have the right to choose what we focus our own energy on. We have a right to aim it in such a way that our actions are in line with our values.

More than a concept, love is an act of caring.

We choose to show our love for the world by ensuring that our operations are carried out in a way that is as sustainable as possible, and by sharing creations that advocate a message of radical acceptance and unconditional love.

3. Multidimensionality

Our aim is to be a space that has the abililty to hold multiple truths and perspectives at once.

Ours is an attitude of open curiosity, which we further share through the creations that we offer.

Creativity needs space to grow, and we believe that there is a need for a diverse range of expressions in the world. We try to expand the range of these expressions by allowing a varied set of styles in our space, and by publishing our visuals under a Creative Commons license that allows others to build upon our work.

A multidimensional point of view includes accepting the strange space that we inhabit ourselves, as a business that has the goal to make a profit, while at the same time questioning the ideal of eternal growth that our society is built upon.

We embrace this tension and see it as a source of inspiration that guides us to stay awake and curious. 

Sustainability Statement

Love is one of the core values that Mysterious Studio is founded on. In order to transfer this love from just words into action, we have developed a few central guidelines that guide us in our sustainability efforts and ensure that we are carrying out our operations with an attitude of stewardship for the earth. We want to care for our world and its beings, and give back some of the love and support we are receiving daily as we are walking this earth.

We recognize the challenge of caring for the earth while simultaneously using materials from its resources to produce the print products that you see in this online store. This is why Mysterious Studio was created using a print-on-demand production process, where nothing is produced until it is ordered. And yet, even a print-on-demand process is only as sustainable as its production process.

In our clothing products, we have chosen to partner with Printful, due to their sustainability efforts, such as the possibility to use only organic or recycled materials.

For paper prints, from 2024 and onwards we are partnered with Gelato, since they offer printing on archival-quality FSC-certified paper. Before 2024, Minnamari printed her prints by hand, but decided to switch to Gelato so that a more sustainable and smoother print-on-demand process can be utilized. The store still features a few of these hand-printed art prints. In the product description you can read which prints are printed by Minnamari.

With each new print product that we offer, we are making the conscious choice of using only organic or recycled materials. And for fine art prints that are printed on paper, we have made the choice to only use paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Read our full sustainability statement for more information about this and other choices we are making. You can download it below.

Nature preservation initiatives

By donating a part of the profits to chosen charity organizations, the aim of Mysterious Studio is to function as a steward that supports initiatives for nature protection and preservation. Read more about the initiatives that we are currently supporting below.

Protection of Finnish Forests

For each fine art print that is sold, Mysterious Studio is donating 5€ to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, which is an organization that purchases forest areas and protects them permanently. After purchasing a print, you will receive a certificate that confirms the donation.


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