Vector Portals

Vector Portals is an ongoing project that consists of the creation of visual portals using vector graphics. The portals are combinations of symbols, creatures and colors that each bring their own inherent symbolism to the whole.

The visuals of these portals are inspired by visions experienced by Minnamari during dreams or meditations. The intention behind sharing them in a concrete visual form is to enable the opening of a visual portal where others can directly experience their energy as well. Furthermore, by printing these portals onto clothing products, they take the form of wearable portals, that enable the wearer to inhabit the energy of the portal on their physical form.

See below for the visuals, blog posts and print products connected to this project.


Free Images

Below you can find download links to free JPEG-images of these vector portals. These versions of the images are free to use for those who want to harness the energy of this symbol, for example as a phone background.

Download link: Portal of the Rainbow Star (black star on white)

Download link: Portal of the Rainbow Star (white star on black)


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