Mysterious Musings

Mysterious Musings is a newsletter and publication where Minnamari regularly shares her contemplations on various subjects. If you scroll down, you can browse visuals created in this project.

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In this gallery you can view visuals created in the Mysterious Musings project. Most of the collages are a kind of autobiographical excavation: they consist of photographs taken by Minnamari at earlier stages in her life, synthesized into new combinations years later.

Additionally, some of the collages are mixtures of photographs, illustrations and AI-generated imagery. See if you can spot which!

Other Projects

Galactic Guardians Project Icon on Mysterious Studio

Galactic Guardians

Visuals: Illustration, Creatures, Collage.

Vector Portals Project Icon on Mysterious Studio

Vector Portals

Visuals: Vector Graphics, Symbols.

Mysterious Musings Project Icon on Mysterious Studio

Mysterious Musings

Writings: Memories, Dreams, Poems, Research.
Visuals: Photography, Collage.

Flora and Fauna Project Icon on Mysterious Studio

Flora & Fauna

Visuals: Illustration, Collage.

Dark Void Disco podcast visual on Mysterious Studio

Dark Void Disco

Sounds: Podcast, Music.
Writings: Ramblings, Memories.
Visuals: Collage, Memes.