Galactic Guardians

Galactic Guardians is an ongoing project that consists of visuals inspired by the beings of the earth such as animals, plants and fae, as well as the creation of sketches, illustrations and collages featuring strange, otherworldly creatures that bring forth their energy and their messages to the human realm.

These Guardians first started visiting Minnamari all the way back in 2008, in the form of sketches she drew with simple ballpoint pens or colorful pencils. Because they seemed to appear out of nowhere, or somewhere different than the human realm, and appeared to her mostly in moments when she found herself in emotional turmoil, she started calling them her Galactic Guardians. They were beings from beyond, that came to her in a moment of need, offering their support simply by appearing onto the page where they were being drawn.

The intention behind sharing these Galactic Guardians here as visuals and print products is to enable their supportive energy and messages to spread onwards to whomever else that senses a resonance with these beings.

See below for the visuals, blog posts and print products of Galactic Guardians. Only a few of them are currently available to order as print products. If there is an archived guardian that you would love to see in print, feel free to send an email to

Guardians (2022-ongoing)

Archived Guardians (2014-2020)

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