Dark Void Disco

The mission of Dark Void Disco is to provide a space for meeting with the void, and to consciously connect with aspects that are often pushed into the shadows of the subconscious.

Dark Void Disco is a freely flowing podcast that started out of Minnamari’s own personal need to create a space to meet with her shadow sides instead of suppressing them, in order to create a more balanced approach to her life. The podcast episodes consist of subjective reflections/ ramblings on subjects ranging from the unpacking of memories and emotions to more general contemplations on reality, consciousness and life. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Amazon music, on the podcast website or right here on this page (see the episode list below). To add the podcast to an external podcast player, copy the rss-feed:


See below for podcast episodes, visuals, print products and a link to the podcast website, where you can view written transcripts for each episode.

Podcast Episodes

Visuals and Memes

Other Projects

Galactic Guardians Project Icon on Mysterious Studio

Galactic Guardians

Visuals: Illustration, Creatures, Collage.

Vector Portals Project Icon on Mysterious Studio

Vector Portals

Visuals: Vector Graphics, Symbols.

Mysterious Musings Project Icon on Mysterious Studio

Mysterious Musings

Writings: Memories, Dreams, Poems, Research.
Visuals: Photography, Collage.

Flora and Fauna Project Icon on Mysterious Studio

Flora & Fauna

Visuals: Illustration, Collage.

Dark Void Disco podcast visual on Mysterious Studio

Dark Void Disco

Sounds: Podcast, Music.
Writings: Ramblings, Memories.
Visuals: Collage, Memes.