About Mysterious Studio

Built upon an attitude of playful exploration, Mysterious Studio is a space where creativity and contemplation can meet. Through the offerings of our studio and the products for sale in our online store, the main mission of Mysterious Studio is to inspire curiosity and invite contemplation through art, design and storytelling.

On the Store page you can browse all our print products and digital downloads. The print products are manufactured using a print-on-demand approach in order to strike a balance between making our products available to a wider public, while trying to lessen overproduction and utilize a more sustainable production process.

Mysterious Studio is founded on four core values:

  1. Mystery – In addition to the wonders of our known world, we respect the unknown, and aim to provide a channel for spreading art that ignites inspiration, enchantment and awe in the viewer.
  2. Love – Mysterious Studio aims to function as a steward for love, both by ensuring our operations are carried out in a sustainable way and by sharing art that advocates a message of love.
  3. Diversity – At Mysterious Studio, diversity is welcomed and respected, and we embrace the crossbreeding and ordered chaos of disparate themes and styles, as long as the essence of the work is in line with our core values.
  4. Multidimensionality – Mysterious Studio aims to be a space with abililty to hold multiple truths and perspectives at once. Ours is an attitude of open curiosity, which we share onwards through the creations that we offer.

On the Values page you can read more about our core values and sustainability choices.


Minnamari Helmisaari, founder and manager of Mysterious Studio

About Minnamari

Mysterious Studio was founded by me to have a platform where I can sell my prints and digital artwork. Since my creative activities take so many different forms, I have started to describe myself as a Multidimensional Storyteller, which is my way of saying that I see my mission in this life as taking part in storytelling that is expressed in different forms: art, design, music, writings, and through communication with other fellow beings.

In addition to being a storyteller, I am a listener, since I believe it is just as important to listen to others’ stories, as it is to share our own. I am fascinated by the way that our stories can affect our perceptions of reality and the possibility space that we can imagine for ourselves (and others) in the world, and am passionate about furthering a more conscious, contemplative approach to life. That is something that I am trying to do, both through my artistic practice and the different designs that I share through Mysterious Studio.

Thank you for visiting this website. May you find inspiration in this space.


If you want to contact Minnamari directly, you can send an email to minnamari@mysterious.studio

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