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The bath water has a shape but it’s also shapeless, much like the void. In the bath water I become nothing, floating in everything.

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About this Artwork

The bath water has a shape, but it’s also shapeless. It forms itself around me. It doesn’t take me over, but it also does. Much like the void.

In the bath I often feel like the water gives me a doorway. It opens a portal to the spaces inbetween, so that they can be heard more easily. It is also a little bit of an inbetween space and shielded from the external world.

Into the bath water I let go of my excessive mind’s hold, and let it flow into the water. Let the thoughts and emotions dissolve a bit, and become nothing, floating in everything.

This digital collage is created by Minnamari as a visual for the third episode of the Dark Void Disco podcast. For more information about Dark Void Disco, go to https://darkvoiddisco.com.

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