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Mysterious Studies is a research/learning project focused on sharing aspects and perspectives that I long kept hidden out of a fear of appearing too weird. But as I felt called to start opening up more, I created Mysterious Studies as a space for myself and fellow curious beings who want to explore life at a deeper level.

I call these studies Mysterious, because I do not know beforehand what the explorations will result in. More than finding a definitive answer, this is a space for being fascinated by all the questions, and the mysterious, complex and often paradoxical nature of life.

The explorations of Mysterious Studies are mainly shared through a podcast with the same name that can be accessed either through video or sound:

Video Podcast on YouTube
Sound Podcast on RSS.com

This page only collects a few bits and pieces. Follow the links below to access full episodes and writings.

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Human Design

You can listen to the audio podcast in most streaming sites, on the podcast website on rss.com, or right here on this site. The video podcast is available on YouTube, but I have also embedded it below if you want to stay on this page.


This page only shows the videos I have taken the time to embed here. Depending on how busy I’ve been, this collection of videos may not be up-to-date. If you want to access the full video archive, see the Mysterious Studies playlist on YouTube.


Feel free to join my Substack or Patreon communities if you want to access additional materials. Join the Mysterious Studies discord to connect with fellow learners/explorers.

Visual Design

Occasionally I host live streams through Twitch. Most of these are only for paying subscribers of my Patreon or Substack, but occasionally I host a livestream open for all.

Follow the link below to see the livestream schedule and profile on Twitch.

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